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M. H. Panhwar (Muhammad Hussain Panhwar) was born on 25th December 1925 in village Ibrahim Panhwar district Dadu. He completed his BS (Mech. & Elec.) 1949 from NED Engineering College and MS (Ag. Eng.) from University of Wisconsin USA in 1953. Professionally he specialized in ground water development, earth moving, agricultural machinery, water logging, salinity control drainage and agriculture. He worked with government of Sindh and West Pakistan as Agriculture Engineer in Sindh 4 years and Superintending Engineer for Sindh and Baluchistan for 12 years up to the end of 1969. From 1970 onwards till 2007 he was running a consulting company specializing in irrigation, water logging, drainage, agriculture, scientific equipment and horticulture. He had written 10 books on ground water in Sindh and many articles on Thar and Kohistan deserts of and engineering.

In 1964 he established a horticulture farm, specialized in fruit crops. This was converted into a research farm for introducing new fruit crops suiting climate of Sindh in 1985 and has developed many new varieties of fruit crops, which include 17 of mango 6 of lychee and many others. He was author of 36 books on culture and post-harvest of fruit crops. Many of them are not printed yet.

Considered as one man Sindhologist his hobby was studies of Sindh and he had published more than 500 pages on various aspects of Sindh. Ten more books on Sindh are ready for press. His personal library has some 50,000 non fictional books almost equally divided on Sindh, horticulture, engineering and environments etc, this library is now open for researchers at M. H. Panhwar Institute of Sindh Studies Jamshoro. He widely traveled but lived at 157-C, Unit No.2, Latifabad, Hyderabad (Sindh), Pakistan, from where he ran his consultancy and research work he also maintained an office at Karachi, Pakistan. He had four sons, Rafi Hussain (who passed away in 2004), Tariq Hussain, Sani Hussain and Muhammad Ali all settled in USA. His first wife died in 1999 and his second wife Farzana a bio-chemist also passed away in 2020.

In June 2003 Mr. M. H. Panhwar established a trust to undertake social work in Sindh. The trust is now managed by his sons and it has opened a Agriculture Research Center at his farm near Tando Jam and established M. H. Panhwar Institute of Sindh Studies on Indus Highway Jamshoro near Pakistan Studies center.

Mr. M. H. Panhwar passed away on 21st April 2007 in Latifabad Hyderabad.

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