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The following books are re-produced by

Sani Hussain Panhwar son of M. H. Panhwar

for educational and research purpose only.

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Affairs of Sindh


The Conquest of Sindh



The Conquest of Sindh





Commentary on Conquest

 of Sindh Vol-I


Commentary on Conquest

of Sindh Vol-II


General John Jacob




History of Sindh


Kurachee Harbour


Kurachee Harbour II




Mullah of Farangies

 visits Sindh


Narrative of a Residence I


Narrative of a Residence II




A Narrative of visit to court


Parliamentary Influence

and Official Intrigue


Personal Observations

on Sindh




Population of Sindh


Scenes in a Soldier's Life


Sir Charles Napier




Scinde or the Unhappy

Valley Vol-I


Scinde or the Unhappy

Valley Vol-II


Memoir on Thar and

Parkur Districts




The Land of Five Rivers

 and Sindh

  British Correspondence in Relations to Ameers of Sindh  

Chahnamah; Ancient

History of Sindh




The People and Land

of Sindh


Sindh Question


Treaties between British

& Sindh Governments




Travels in India Vol-I


Travels in India Vol-II


Poetry of Shah Abdul Latif

 (English translation)




A Nation in Chains


By: G. M Sayed


Diary on a March through

 Sindh and Afghanistan


The Case of Sindh


By: G. M Sayed








Religion and Reality


Sindhudesh;  G M Syed


London to Lahore








Pujabi Musalman


The Musalman Race


The Baloch Race







A New Beginning


A Judiciary in Crisis


Awakening the People


Articles on Benazir






Benazir Bhutto


BB Selected Speeches


Bhutto Man and Martyr


Bhutto Trail and






Bhutto's Appeal in High Court


Commitment to History


Daughter of Destiny


Decision of Z. A.

Bhutto's Appeal by SC





Detention Challenged


Foreign Policy of Pakistan


From Prison to Prime Minister


If I am Assassinated





Important Press Conferences


Reply to Zia'a Allegations

 in SC


Rejoinder in Supreme

 Court by Z. A. Bhutto


Interview with History





Lahore High Court



Judgment on Constitutional



Last Days of Premier Bhutto


Let the People Judge





Manifestos of PPP


Marching Towards



Murtaza  Bhutto


My Dearest Daughter





My Execution


My Pakistan


Nusrat Bhutto Case


Pakistan the

 Gathering Storm





Pakistan and the

Muslim World


Pakistan and Alliances


Pakistan Today


Political Situation

in Pakistan





Portrait of a Political Murder


PPP Program 1968


Sardari System Abolished


Six Steps to Summit





Speeches & Statements 



Speeches before the

 Security Council - 1964


Speeches 1957-1965


Speeches and

 Statements  1973





Summary of Judgment by

 Supreme Court


Z. A. Bhutto; The Falcon

of Pakistan


The Great Tragedy


The Myth of






The Quest for Peace


Trial & Execution of

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto


Third World New



Tribute to Mohtarma

 Benazir Bhutto





Witness to Splendour


Zulfikar Ali Bhutto; Politics

 of Charisma


Zulfikar Ali Bhutto;

Recollection and



Zulfi My Friend





Zulfikar Ali Bhutto;

Notes from Death Cell


Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Memoir


Politics in Pakistan


Zulfikar Ali Bhutto;

 Architect of New






Zulfikar Ali Bhutto's

 Thoughts on Some

Aspects of Islam


Foreign Policy in

 Perspective; Benazir Bhutto


Pakistan Under

Bhutto's Leadership


A South Asian

View; Z. A. Bhutto





Foreign Policy of



Was Bhutto Killed

 Before Hanging



Foreign Policy


Mr. A. K. Brohi's

 Statement in

 Supreme Court





Bhutto: A Political



Bhutto Murder

Case Revisited


I have kept my pledge

 with God and man


Pakistan and

Ali Bhutto





Peace Keeping by

United Nations


The Pakistan Papers


Who Assassinated

Benazir Bhutto


Z A Bhutto; A

Political Thinker

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